What’s a ping?

On my blog set-up page there’s a box that can either be checked, or not.  It says “Allow Pings”.  What do you suppose that means? 

Any techies out there want to take a stab at explaining that to me?  In sort of plain english?

In the movie “Hunt For Red October”, they used “pings” to determine distances between the submarine and potential targets through sonar readings.  The only other applications of the word ping I am familiar with are as the better half of ping pong and as a brand of golf equipment.

Oh, and if you do take a stab at explaining it to me, would you tell me if I should “allow” them or not?




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4 responses to “What’s a ping?

  • Whitney

    Maybe its a small sound the happens when a comment has been added that allows you to know. (assuming you are at your site) Like when you are IMing.

  • Denise

    Here is a definition, but I don’t know if you should “allow” them or not. I don’t see any harm in testing the connection, but I don’t know if it would slow anything down (and accessing this site is REALLY slow for me already!)

    You will probably need to copy and past this into your browser – I don’t think it will let me put an actual hyperlink in my response.

  • blahblahblog

    It actually did let you put a hyperlink in. Thanks for explanation. Computers are so fascinating, and so frutstrating! It’s like a totally different dimension from the one in which I live! Sorry you have to wait so long to access my site! I hope you find it worth the effort!

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