New hot springs discovered…under my condo!

(Third posting for today, but this one is IMPORTANT!) 

I got home late last night. I hear my neighbor taking a shower or doing laundry or something.  I sleep late.  When I get up this morning, I still hear her doing laundry or whatever.  After my head clears (I’m not a morning person), I now distinctly hear RUNNING water, and it sounds like it’s in the kitchen.  So I start putting my ear up to things.  It gets louder and louder as I get to the corner where there is a small hole in the wall that communicates to the underside of the condo.  Sounds like a river!  I go out and lift the door to access the crawl space under the house and sure enough, there’s about six inches of standing water as far as I can see, and the sound of a waterfall under there!

I call my cabinet guy to see if he can help me (because isn’t that who you’re SUPPOSED to call for plumbing emergencies??!).  And I jump in to take a quick shower as I KNOW the first thing plumbers do when they show up!  There has never enough hot water for a really good long shower since I moved in, but the water coming out of that shower head today was SCALDING.  Hmmm.  Within the hour, Rylie had a plumber out.  David (the plumber) at first thinks my hot water heater blew up.  On closer inspection, it turns out I blew my T & P valve (temperature and pressure, in case you don’t know – I didn’t).  But he doesn’t think I need a new heater.  Which is good, because I’ve just been bleeding money since I moved here.  But it still needs to be worked on.  HOWEVER, like my heating system, my water heater is also electric.  So I’ve got to get that lake dried up so that the plumber can come back without fear of electrocution BEFORE the arctic storm comes in this weekend.  He tells me “Be careful!  The water that’s in the tank right now is excrutiatingly hot”.  Yeah, I know, I took a scalding hot shower already!  In the meantime, 30 minutes before I need hot water I can turn on the water heater, and when I am done, I need to turn it back off (just using the fuse box, I don’t have to crawl under the house), or I’ll blow the valve again by making more excrutiatingly hot water.

Hope it dries out before the arctic blast!  I need to remember to make sure that I close up the crawl space if it starts to get cold or I’ll have a bunch of busted pipes and then we’ll really have to talk about bleeding money!



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