My Final (or is that PHinal?) Phoons

And almost before it began, my era of phooning has come to an end.  😦

However, I have a last couple of submissions (unsubmitted) to share with you, simply because of their way coolness!

This one I took in Lancaster County, PA.  Amish country!  I cracked up when I drove past and just had to turn around!  Check out the writing on the buggy!  If I hadn't freaked out because of the dogs headed my way, I would have tried for another one from farther back so that you could have seen all the junk in this yard!  It was a sight to behold!

Amish Sanford.jpg

These are in Delaware.  As I am entering the Wilmington area, I start to see these signs

Warning, Danger.jpg

I figure I'm getting close to something good!  And although it took traversing through hunting country, and taking lots of turns in the general direction, I found it.  I am in the Collins Beach area of (information deleted by FBI).  While I was running back and forth setting the timer and getting blown over before the picture was taken, a guy pulls up in a van.  Oh great!  I am out in the middle of truly nowhere and a dude pulls up in a panel van!  With a dog!  He ended up approaching me and wanted to know:  1) what I was doing! and 2) could he help me!  We got to chatting.  His name was Jay.  He was very nice and I left there unmolested and one phoon richer!  Thanks Jay!

Collins Beach Reactors.jpg

A little farther down the highway, maybe 15 minutes or so, I stopped at a McDonald's for a cup of coffee.  I asked the lady at the counter what the name of the nuclear power plant was.  She said "we don't have a nuclear power plant around here".  I told her about the warning signs and how I had just taken pictures of it, and she told me that it was probably "the Playtex plant".  And she proceeded to poll the rest of the workers, none of which, it turns out, was aware that they had a nuclear power plant in their backyard!  I guess that's probably a verrrrrry good thing.  For the life of me I can't find out the name of the plant (not even on the internet), but I think the reactors are called "Hope", and "Salem 1 and Salem 2".  How is this huge plume of smoke from this gigantic cooling tower being kept such a big secret in such a small state?  How can that be accomplished and nobody else in the government can apparently keep anything else a secret????

And then I pulled into the Holiday Inn Express parking lot, got out my lap top and piggy backed onto their wireless internet system and checked my e-mail!

Further down the road, in Reheboth Beach, I watched the sun set over the water in one of the many inlets.  Then I checked into a hotel for the night.  The manager at the hotel asked me my last name.  I told her.  "Hey, that's my last name, too!  What's your first name?".  So I told her.  Turns out, yup, you guessed it, her first name is Linda (only she spells it Lynda), too!  And I am watching the end of Jaws (which I have never seen) and my mind is going nuts over so many things, and I am wondering if I'll be able to sleep at all tonight.

I dunno.  Maybe it was a Playtex plant….


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5 responses to “My Final (or is that PHinal?) Phoons

  • Joanne

    why no more phoons? you definitely have a talent for them…and there probably aren’t any phoons from Uganda. you should rethink this decision.

  • Whitney

    If they don’t have electricity, how do the Amish know of Sanford & Sons? Or was is grafitti and a joke that they won’t understand (unless someone enlightens them)?

  • John

    Cool! I just discovered these Phoon photos and fun stories about the nuclear acentric town. (That must’ve been a depressing day; glad you’re back.)

  • Lou (Linda)

    It was sad. Thinking that I’d not phoon again…and thinking that there could actually be a nuclear reactor in a town and people be so uninformed as to not know it! How could that be???

  • Vakantie

    Hi, I liked visiting your blog. Cheerio. 🙂 Marian from Holland

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