My Blog Already Gets a New Look

In my struggle to figure out how to get an archives and a list of categories incorporated into my blog, I found this horrifying page of explanations on how to customize my page.  It appeared that I was going to have to WRITE CODE!  I despaired!  Write code?  Oh, why didn’t I investigate better before signing up with wordpress???  I did come across a “feedback” button, but it was pretty clear that if the explanation for whatever question I was asking was available anywhere on, I shouldn’t expect a reply.  And since OBVIOUSLY the answers existed there, I wasn’t particularly hopeful.  But I shot off a “Pleeeeeze help me” e-mail anyway.  Fifteen minutes later, some nice person responded and explained that I had “picked the one theme available that didn’t support archives”.  So, I picked a new theme, and voila!, I have archives and categories listed!  No work involved whatsoever!  I clicked once and the whole page miraculously evolved into a much more friendly entity.  And I like the new look!  Check back later.  Roadtrip Roundup is coming soon…..



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2 responses to “My Blog Already Gets a New Look

  • David

    ha! I know exactly what you mean.

    I downloaded a theme that was about as close as I could find to what I could live with (in the upwards of 30 minutes I spent scouring the internet), then started looking into the code to see if I could figure out what to do to change it.

    I am not a coder.

    And “PHP” may as well have been “DDT” — my brother encouraged me to “hang in there, you’ll figure it out.”

    Thanks, a lot, John.

    But he was right.

    Not helping me was the best help I could get.

    If you can get into the “header.php” code file and find this reference (or maybe just the last part):

    You can change that image to anything you want, as long as you make it the same pixel dimensions, name it the same (or change the code to the new name), and put it in exactly the same folder (in the Themes directory)

    Good luck.


  • blahblahblog

    Thanks for all the blah blah blah, David. I want to know HOW ON EARTH do you get those nifty little hover links things! I want to be able to do that without people having to see the actual link. I guess with time I’ll eventually stumble (or is that scumble – homage to your blog shamelessly plugged in your comment) onto the answers and one day I’ll have an amazing multi media blog that will make people oooh and ahhhh like I do when I read yours!!! Linda

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