My New Kitchen, Episode Two

Sorry to bore you all with tales of my kitchen remodel, but it’s just so exciting!  For me, anyway.  🙂  We (well, Rylie, Demetrius, and Herman mostly) accomplished MUCH today.  All of the cabinets are roughed in.  The old light fixture is GONE!  New can lights now grace my ceiling.  And I will get the pendant lights over the bar that I so very much wanted.  The sink and dishwasher were relocated and replumbed.  They also pulled water to the fridge so I can run my ice maker!  And I got an emergency shut off valve for the kitchen water which I apparently was lacking!  I won’t bug you with any more updates until it’s DONE!  My homework now is to scrape the popcorn off the ceiling.  YES!  I should have done it before the cabinets went in, but I didn’t know that it was feasible (due to that pesky radiant heat ceiling) until the electrician figured out the system yesterday.  He gave me the go-ahead!  My cousin, Julie, has graciously offered to come over tomorrow to help me so that Rylie can put up crown molding on Saturday while Julie and I go to the DEVIL’S TOWER!!!  A Close Encounters Roadtrip! 

                   Halfway there.jpg 

And because I have things to “talk” about that are completely separate from this project, I decided to post twice…

Read on…


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