My New Kitchen (YEAH!!)

Today was the big day!  Kitchen demo and cabinet delivery.  I’m spending way too much money remodeling “my crummy little condo”, but I’m sure having fun doing it.  This condo will be the carrot that I dangle in front of someone in my family to get them to move out here to Colorado, too!  So it has to look really nice, right?  Or else what kind of carrot would it be???

So Rylie, who I met on the way down to Pine (see yesterday’s post), is doing the installation and letting me help.  The plan is “learn how to do cabinet installation so I can do it myself next time”.  He’s a professional cabinet guy and professionals don’t usually let the ignorant in on the project.  So I am lucky! 

                                     Kitchen Demo.jpg

Out with the old, in with the new!  My fridge is in my living room!

All the stuff from my cabinets is in my spare bedroom! 

Had an electrician out to evaulate expanding my electrical capabilities and lighting options.  My condo has what are called “radiant heat ceilings”.  Which means you can’t just go drilling holes and installing can lights!  And my current kitchen light will be in the way of the new over the fridge cabinets, so something MUST be done.  But we think we have a plan so that I can have a few pot lights and even hang pendant lights over my new bar.  We’ll see.  They (Rylie, and the two electricals guys) are all in what used to be the kitchen speaking a language I really don’t understand.  And they’ve talked me into believing that I can strip the popcorn ceilings myself, too.  So that’s what I’m doing later today.  I hope there aren’t any surprises.

THIS, however, was a bit of a surprise.  I told them I’d be putting slate up as a backsplash, so if they needed to make holes, they could.  This wasn’t exatly what I had in mind when I said “holes”.                  

                                Hole in the Wall.jpg

Once the kitchen is done, I get to finish laying my wood floors and start working on the powder room.  I’ve heard that putting a new toilet in can be tricky with the beeswax ring.  Anyone have any words of advice for this??



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