Love Bugs

How can an insect with such a sweet name be anything but sweet?  And they’re kinda cute, too!

Love Bugs 1.jpg

But I never saw them all sweet and cute sitting in a bed of flowers.  I only saw them like this:

Love Bugs 2.jpg

And they were usually in flight, mating.  And they were in flight, mating, by the hundreds of thousands.  I was introduced to the “love bug” when I spent a week down in Pine, Louisiana with my church after Hurricane Katrina hit.  These bugs were everywhere.  Clouds of them.  They actually affected visibility they were so thick.  And they were attracted to white surfaces.  Here’s what we dealt with:


The locals said there’s two seasons for these bugs.  And we were there in the middle of one of them.  Only they (the locals) said they’d never seen them this bad.  The upside?  They didn’t sting or bite.

Don’t look for Pine on the map.  It rarely makes it.  But here’s where it is:

(In the bigger circle at the top.  The large body of water pictured is Lake Pontchartrain.  Sorry about the poor quality!)

Just how do you get there?  You follow the signs:

Perhaps in the future I’ll share more about what we did while we were there, but love bugs are on my mind today.


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7 responses to “Love Bugs

  • blahblahblog

    Indeed! But you know those Southerners….so proper. It just wouldn’t do to call it like you see it! Linda

  • Theresa Waltrip

    Was anchored for overnight stay the in middle of the St. John’s River in Jacksonville, Florida early September 2006. At dusk, nearly every square inch (of the white part) of the boat becames covered with these bugs. We could not go outside at all. The next morning they were still there. When swatted they turned into a black greasy mess.

  • goodlifegal

    And, heaven forbid you get those nasty things splattered on the front of your car…they’ll take the paint off if you don’t get them off fast! YUCK! We contested with them for 3 years, living in South Georgia. Glad to be rid of those things…

  • Seeso

    I came here whilst googling lovebugs, and wow. They are nasty!

  • Lou (Linda)

    They are indeed!! Glad that Google brought you here! I can see I need to fix this post. It apparently got messed up in one of the WordPress updates.

  • Debbie

    I was goggling Lovebugs, as this is our first May in Florida, and I have not experienced these horrid things before. I am frightened to smile for the fear of getting a mouth full of them. They do not seem to have a purpose and do not last for long, but they cause havoc, especially while driving.

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