Skating with “Celebrities”

While there is something slightly disturbing about Bruce Jenner in purple crushed velvet bell bottoms, you gotta give props to this way past his prime decathlete who is willing to strap on a pair of ice skates and twirl an equally past her prime Tai Babilonia across the ice!  Skating with Celebrities is a car wreck of a TV show with an odd appeal.  I thought the “stars” who signed up for “Dancing With the Stars” were brave!  But they aren’t on skates!   One of the skating “judges” is an old coot named John Nicks, who brilliantly points out the fact that Bruce and Tai aren’t exactly in their prime anymore.  I felt like shouting at him…..”and why do you think YOU are here?  At least I know who THEY are!” 

The reason I watched this show is because Jillian Barberi is on it.  I’m used to watching her be fresh on FOX’s Good Day LA, not doing camel and layback spins.  She must have skated when she was younger.  Not a wobble in those ankles.  Besides Jillian and Bruce, the other “celebrities” brave enough to put on the skates are Dave Coulier, Deborah Gibson, Todd Bridges, and Kristy Swanson.   While I tuned in for Jillian, the big surprise was the delightfully engaging performance put in by Todd Bridges (Diff’rent Strokes)!  He was great!  I watched outtakes from last week’s performance where he could barely stay up, and tonight he was doing synchronized foot work.  Well, he got voted off the ice anyway, so I won’t be watching the show anymore.  Not even for Jillian. 


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