A Little Snow, and a Little Earthquake

When I was 18, I took off for college.  Although I’d traveled much by then and had seen snow, I’d never actually SEEN IT snow.  (It just doesn’t snow that often in El Segundo, California, and we weren’t a “winter sports” kind of family).  Well, the college I took off for was in upstate New York, about an hour south of Buffalo.  Houghton College, in Houghton, New York.  On a cold December night, I believe it was around 11:30, I saw my first snowflakes come out of the sky.  I was so excited that I ran down the hallway of my dorm wing knocking on doors, waking everybody up who wasn’t still awake to “look at the snow!”  I was met with groans and sighs of dismay.  Apparently once it started to snow, it didn’t stop for five months.  What did I know?  I was the only kid from west of the Mississippi at that school!  But, I didn’t let that stop me from enjoying the thrill of my first snowstorm.  Eventually I was able to get many of my dorm mates to don bathing suits and go outside to play!   This is us, in snow boots, winter coats, and bathing suits, in the dark, in the snow….They were game, but didn’t understand why I was I was so excited! 

Just to give credit to those who were brave, although they’ll probably never see this, that’s Sue Budz (Blue Sudz), Linda Roberts (Bob), Patty Hall (Pete), Me (Lou), Mary Durling (she never really got a good nickname), and Ramona Ranalli (Mo).  I think they all have new last names now, so sorry not to give the most accurate credit!  Thanks girls, for humoring the wierd chick from California.

Which brings me to today.  It started to snow at about noon, and after six hours, we’ve got about two inches of accumulation.  And it’s still snowing.  Each time it snows here, it makes me happy!  It’s just so darn beautiful.  And speaking of beautiful, on my way home from my job interview this morning I drove past the Garden of the Gods.  A huge deer buck ran across the road in front of me and leaped over a six foot wall into someone’s yard.  I slowed to watch.  He just looked at me.  I was able to count 10 points on his huge rack of antlers.  But my digital camera is out of commission, and I missed an amazing photo opportunity.

And in the spring, back in 1984 in Houghton, the campus was “jolted awake” by a 3.8 earthquake, which of course, I didn’t even feel.  (It’s got to be a 6.0 to wake me up).  That day, those girls were as excited about their first earthquake as I was about my first snow.


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One response to “A Little Snow, and a Little Earthquake

  • Kevin

    OK, WHERE did you find that picture?!? You are too funny!!!

    Snow in upstate New York. Just remember, it was August 29th… 😉

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