Unpaid product endorsement for the day…the Swiffer

This morning, while straightening up my house, I remembered why it was that I wanted to start blogging in the first place.  The Swiffer!  My Mother discovered the Swiffer shortly after its debut.  She loved it so much, she got us kids Swiffer Starter Kits for Christmas one year!  I was instantly in love.  And I remember thinking that “the world needs to know about the Swiffer”.  But I had no forum to tell the world.  Until now!  So, if you already own and use and love a Swiffer, this post isn’t for you.  But if you haven’t discovered the joys of “Swiffering” yet, hurry, run out TODAY and buy one!  Swiffer your walls, swiffer your ceiling, swiffer your floors!  Be free from dust and hair and such on the smooth surfaces in your home and automobile!  Use it on its own handle/mop thing or just as a dust cloth.  I also like the Swiffer Wet cloths.  They use the same handle/mop thing as the dry.  I haven’t bothered trying any of the “fancier” products.

I also haven’t tried the new “Flicker” for carpets, but come on, how hard is it to pull out the vacuum for those little carpet messes???  Swiffer?  Excellent!  Flicker?  Hmmmm.

Visit www.Swiffer.com.  Sometimes they have coupons.


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5 responses to “Unpaid product endorsement for the day…the Swiffer

  • David

    We have all-wood floors in our condo.

    Apparently ALL the dust-bunnies in Carlsbad come to hang out on our wooden floor. I was not aware that so much dust could congregate in such a short amount of time. By year’s end we will be able to re-pad our queen mattress.

    Swiffer can’t possibly be good for a whole house (1000 sq ft) of hard floors. Wouldn’t we be replacing the pad every room?

  • blahblahblog

    Hmmm. Excellent point! I Swiffer a few times a week because I have a cat whose sole purpose in life is to shed pounds of fur daily (oh and to bring me immeasurable joy, but we’re talking Swiffers, not my pathetic attachment to “the Mew”), so I don’t have to change the sheet that often. If you are so ecologically minded as to raise dust bunnies for their fur, stick with that! But I’d take an anti-histamine before I’d use that mattress if I were you! 🙂

  • Julie

    As a “house cleaner” I find swiffers pretty good, too. Although a whole house would use a lot of pads! Advice though, since I’m so “thrifty”, maybe you all figured this out already…..after the pad is full, turn it over and use the other side too!

  • philip norris

    maybe it’s just me…but if the noun form of the word
    is swiffer wouldn’t the verb form(in the infinitive)
    be to swiff? I’ll leave it to you to make the
    appropriate corrections.

  • jamie

    Just searching on google and found your site. It was ranked fairly high on google to. Anyway just looking around to see why.

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