Time to get a job, I s’pose

On January 29th, it will have been six months since I’ve officially worked.  And it will be approximately five months since I moved from the L.A. area to Colorado Springs.  So, I am thinking it’s time to find a new job.  Well, find a job, period.  I have taken some time to enjoy my new surroundings:  trips to the Garden of the Gods, Helen Hunt Falls, the Royal Gorge, Buena Vista, the Van Briggle pottery factory, Wilkerson Pass, and the like.  I’d talk about how gorgeous it is here, and how the weather is amazing, and how the sky is humongous, and how the clouds put on an amazing show just about every day, and how the sunrises and sunsets are BRILLIANT, but then you might want to move here, and the people here think it’s too crowded already.  And I’ll just be in trouble with my new “neighbors”.  So I won’t tell you all those things.

I had thought that I could enjoy retirement for the rest of my life, but my dad thought the same thing, and he returned to work three or four times after officially retiring.  And I am my father’s daughter, to be sure.  So, I am trolling the internet looking for something to fill a few days and put some coin in my pocket.  I have an appointment for an interview on Thursday morning.  Woo Hoo.  I’ll let you know how it goes. 



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6 responses to “Time to get a job, I s’pose

  • Lizzie

    You are clever and I look forward to reading more of your bloggings(?). You’re tired of retirement and I just had my first expirence of looking forward to getting back to work. It only took seven months. Needless to say I think I am now ready to retire. Love you, Me

  • blahblahblog

    Yea, sometimes all it takes is one doozy of a day to make you want to flee the bedside and never go back! I’d love to hear your story. Blog in my blog for me! Lou

  • Whitney

    Hold do you have to be to retire? Hi ladies.

  • blahblahblog

    Well, if you are a United Airlines flight attendant, apparently you only have to be 55.

  • billy

    Do not unretire as it will destroy the myth of the nurse I know who bought a few rental properties and now is coasting. What will we do with all our envy if you go back to work, although a flight attendant would not count.

  • blahblahblog

    Billy, “myth of the nurse” is right! Must have been a slow night in the ED if you had time to read my blog!

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