Hello world!

The “Hello world!” title came with the webpage on start up.  Thought I’d keep it.  I’ve often thought of blogging.  In fact, I thought myself quite clever to come up with Blah Blah Blog, until I discovered that just about every domain name has a blah blah blogger already!  So, I’m not so clever afterall, I suppose!  I have a couple of blogs I read regularly, and I look forward to them like a morning cup of coffee.  My goal?  Get linked to my family’s website.  (If only my family HAD a website!  Perhaps I should have started there!!)  So, my other goal is to entertain myself, and perhaps someone will stumble on my humble blog and find some enjoyment here. 

Things I plan on boring you with in the future include:  love bugs, phoons, relatives, and ER stories.  Check in occasionally!  See what’s up.


About Lou (Linda)

Just a girl from Colorado trying to live life to God's glory with a certain amount of gusto! View all posts by Lou (Linda)

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